A new eco-system

Prototyping an eco-system of social innovators in Brussels

A word about the « Reinventing Brussels » project

Brussels is currently a thriving city. Our assumption is that something is happening in Brussels. Various organizations and movements are working actively towards a new city (we have an inventory of more than 250 great initiatives). A new story emerges. It is a story we want to tell and showcase. But not only do we want to tell it so that people get a new narrative of Brussels, we also want to reach out, contact and connect so that all these initiatives, together with active citizens, begin to communicate, to collaborate, to learn and to synergize.

Reinventing Brussels is about interweaving those initiatives as well as active citizens, building an ecosystem to boost the city.

More about Reinventing Brussels

Joining the Societal Transformation Lab

Reinventing Brussels started 2 years ago, 2 years during which we did a lot of prototyping convening people to over 40 workshops. Today we have the great chance to participate to a worldwide initiative called the Societal Transformation Lab. This project was initiated by the Presencing Institute and the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

More about the Presencing Institute

We’re joining an emerging community of over 300 teams from around the world, from the Philippines, Indonesia, Uganda, Argentina, countries across Europe, the U.S, Canada, Australia, Japan, India and dozens more. Some teams come from well known international organizations. Others are made up of pioneering citizens, students and local organizers. All are working to advance initiatives that range from establishing local circular economies to advancing our democracies, reconnecting business with purpose, to whole-child education models, more sustainable ways of stewarding land – just to name a few.

More about the Societal Transformation Lab in the attached document.

Our invitation to you

We invite you to join us, from February to May, to participate to this unique experience :


“The ideation & prototyping of a sustainable global eco-system of social innovators in Brussels aiming to boost the activity of these organisations, ie. generative and leading organizations for abundance which are cultivating a new mindset starting from local knowledge, moving from problem-focus to vision, releasing the trapped and untapped potential in people and communities, designing and developing new engines for social change.”


The full journey is supported by the Presencing Institute all the way long and the participation is free.

What’s the programme ?

We will organize and facilitate a monthly workshop from February to May during which we will co-create and support the initiative as described above. You will have the possibility, depending on your level of involvement, to discuss by videoconference and to chat with other projects worldwide and experience many social technologies that will not only help co-creating this project but also help your organization. You can attend with one or with several people from your organisation. The language of the workshops will be English, Dutch and French.

What’s in it for you ?

  • Connect deeply with like-minded organisations and engage with a global community of changemakers
  • Discover powerful social technologies, benefit from peer coaching and access many resources
  • Co-create and prototype a new ecosystem in Brussels that aims to boost and empower initiatives like yours
  • Participate to an emerging global movement