Brussels is a melting pot, is full of contrasts, has gone through a lot of history, is fully modern. Brussels, it is also 19 boroughs, a city, a region, an enclave in the Flemish region, the capital of the Belgian Kingdom and the capital of Europe. Brussels is the second most cosmopolitan city in the world with more than 100 languages spoken by its inhabitants. In Brussels, Latin and Germanic, European and African cultures meet, but many others as well. Brussels hosts rich Eurocrats and people in real need. Brussels is well-known for its warm welcome but also recently for 2 deadly terrorist attacks…

Yet many beautiful things take place in Brussels. This city in transition is worth time and energy to dream and reinvent it. Reinventing many of Brussels aspects but first of all maybe the cultural ones, switching to deeply human values.

A lot of initiatives of that type are emerging. How can they be made more visible? How can the many individual or collective projects be supported? How can this transition be facilitated? The « Reinventing Brussels » project is the approach to support what citizens, employees, non-profit organizations, the town halls, all the actors of change are already doing but could be made more visible and more powerful. « Reinventing Brussels » aims at deep change, at reaching human values and real sense. « Reinventing Brussels » is a global citizen movement, connecting all the societal projects for change in the city.

Why We Do This?

Brussels is a kind of “diversity laboratory”, a place where we prove how diversity can be a source of richness, a place where we listen, talk, collaborate in a true way. We don’t want Brussels to be Babel but a place where the city of the future is emerging. We want to contribute to shaping and understanding how a city future can look like. We want to contribute to the “term” city of the future by exploring other examples and practices and identifying how cities will/can be in the future.

Reinventing Brussels

Connecting citizens and nurturing communities for the city of our dreams

We are on a mission to connect people and to initiate & nurture communities that create a welcoming & sustainable city with deep human values.