Social Presencing Theatre

  • Would you like to learn, practice and develop your skills in Social Presencing Theater?
  • Do you enjoy meeting other people who are working in the transformational field of social development?
  • Would you like to explore and play with a curious and pioneering group that wants to explore the dynamics of eco-systems?

Social Presencing Theatre (SPT) is a unique, innovative social methodology that brings body-based, experiential learning into individual, organizational and social change efforts.

The root meaning of the word “theater” is a “place for viewing” or making visible the deeper patterns in the collective.

SPT indeed uses simple body postures and movements to dissolve limiting concepts, to access intuition, to make hidden dynamics visible, and to allow emerging possibilities, the deeper – often invisible – leverage points for creating profound change in a team, organization or a larger system. It creates a space for co-creators in a given system to gain insight into the current situation, and at the same time seeing potential opportunities for change.

Social Presencing is the collective awareness that allows the wisdom of the group to arise.

SPT was developed by Arawana Hayashi, a dancer/choreographer and a Buddhist meditation teacher, in collaboration with the Presencing Institute, in particular with Otto Scharmer, initiator of Theory U.


The SPT Practice group is organized by Alessandra Satta and Maria Sturm.

Alessandra Satta is a Brussels-based changemaker, passionate about collective intelligence and complex thinking. She actively works on community and team development at international and local level. She helps people uncover hidden mental models and designs transformational paths for capacity building in complex times, using tools and practices for profound change like Transformational Narrative, Theory U, Generative Collaboration and Deep Democracy. She is primarily engaged in the most important art to master for humans: dialogue.

Maria Sturm is an advanced and highly experienced facilitator of SPT. She works as an organizational consultant and recognized facilitator, educator and coach. She has an independent consulting practice, SALINE Advies, and is Associate Teacher of Change at the VU University in Amsterdam. Maria works with leaders in profit and public organizations. She supports teams and organizations to build sustainable capacities in collaborative learning and organizational development. She also teaches strategy, innovation and entrepreneurship to leaders in key-positions in organizations. She uses deep diving methods like Constellation work, SPT, Art of Hosting, Theory U and Deep Democracy.