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Connecting people and nurturing communities that create a welcoming & sustainable city with deep human values.
We are very happy to announce that we reached 1000 Members !
This newsletter will reveal some initiatives and events, and there is one of them we want to put especially into the picture: the Citizen’s Assembly BruVoices on 17th March organised by the King Baudouin Foundation. The purpose of which is the following:
“Do you live in Brussels? Tell us about your city.
What does Brussels embody for you? How do you feel living in this city? How do you experience it? Who do you share your everyday life with? BruVoices invites Brussels residents to speak openly about their city.”
You can register on their website.

Projects in the picture

This is a nice new project about living together in Brussels. It fits into the ambition by a Brussels politician to make Brussels the most empathic city of the world and is supported by writer Roman Krznaric who promotes “Empathy Museums” in every major city. Read more in this article in Bruzz.
Reinventing Cities
Yes, we were attracted by the name of this initiative, Reinventing Cities, but it is the kind of project that can boost our journey to a carbon neutral environment. Unfortunately, Brussels is not (yet?) involved in it.
“The Reinventing Cities competition is a call for urban projects to drive carbon-neutral and resilient urban regeneration across the globe and to implement the most innovative ideas to transform underutilized sites into beacons of sustainability and resiliency.”


Reinventing Brussels’ communities have in common deep human values (which are sometimes called Teal). The members are sharing experiences, cross-seeding projects, pooling resources, sensing the edges of the system, etc. They can benefit from trainings, practices or facilitators of Reinventing Brussels. In January, we launched the Reinventing Spirituality community (Reinventing Spirituality invites you to meet every month to investigate a particular theme around spirituality), the events are shown on Meetup. And we are busy with the launch of the Reinventing Finance community.
We would like to launch other communities (Education, Food, Urban Development, etc.), feel free to contact us if you have a specific community you would like to launch or to contribute to, or any ideas you would have relating to it.


On 13th March we are organising a workshop with what we call the city mappers, those of you who want to contribute to make an inventory of all the great initiatives in Brussels. The venue for the workshop is a great place : Namahn.
Register on Meetup.


We promote some practices that are key to our individual and collective development. You have the opportunity to experience some of the less known practices, to which you can attend mostly for free and with continuity (Social Presencing Theatre, Coaching Circles, Pro-action Café, Deep Conversations, Changer de regard-changer de perspective, Night walk, etc.). All practices are published on Meetup.


To build the skills necessary to create the initiatives we like, and at the same time to create spaces for like-minded people, we organise or co-organise trainings that we think are adding value for change makers and active citizens like: SALT, Theory U, Art of Hosting, Integral Theory, Deep Democracy, Dragon Dreaming, Diversity workshop, etc.


The latest article by Otto Scharmer on “Huffington Post” is proposing some ways to go forward:

Agenda of upcoming events

13th March

Information is scattered in social media silos, closed groups, newsletters and unstructured and outdated webs. We will make all the transformation initiatives that we can identify in Brussels more visible and appealing, so we increase their chances to thrive. How might we improve the search and discovery of some of the best initiatives that are “reinventing Brussels”?…more
17th March
Do you live in Brussels? Tell us about your city. … more
12th May
To successfully live your Unique Self, you need to Clean Up, Wake Up, Grow Up and Show Up. The 4 dynamics of the Integral Theory by Ken Wilber offers a new operating system to do just this. It is the critical calling of our time.
Come and experiment with the 4 dynamics during this one day workshop… more
14th & 15th May
The intention of the workshop is to expand the awareness and the range of concepts and tools that facilitators can bring to their practice with groups. These concepts and tools will be particularly useful for facilitating diverse and divergent groups… more
1st to 3rd June
Nowadays we talk a lot about co-creation, collective intelligence and emerging future. What is the meaning of these key words/concepts?
How can we engage in a profound co-creation process and draw from collective wisdom? …more
Kind regards,
The ReBXL Team
(Alain, Alessandra, Anita, Dimitris, Manuel, Pascale, Richard, Sylvia, Vincent)

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